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Enzymology Assays

Creative Enzymes is a renowned service provider, supporting a majority of the enzyme assay market. Creative Enzymes endeavors to perfect all types of enzymology assays. We are able to perform individual tests at the most precise level, as well as design and complete a whole package of services as the solution to a thematic project.

  • Specialized analysis and assessment
  • Full range of assay equipment and platforms
  • High-throughput starting from 200 candidates per assay
  • Sensitive miniaturized assays
  • Rapid and accurate results
  • One-stop solution

Enzymology Assays Workflow

Enzymology assays workflow

Creative Enzymes is happy to help with the challenges in enzymology assays. Based on the resources that are required for the task, we list the enzymology assays below in the order of increasing complexity:

Services Features Price
Enzymology assays Activity measurement
  • kinases, phosphatases,proteinases,deacetylase,peptidase, esterase, and other enzymes
  • Kit assays and customized assays
  • High-throughput screening
From $1,500/ assay
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Development of analysis methods
  • New assay development for unprecedented condition and newly discovered enzyme
  • Challenging assay such as reversible reactions and coupled tests
Enzyme kinetics
  • Determine virtually all parameters for an enzyme such as  Vmax,  Kd, KM,  kcat, k1, and k-1
Enzyme catalytic mechanisms
  • Multiple technologies including crystallography (structural biology), site-directed mutagenesis, reporter group labeling of the substrate or inhibitor, kinetic measurement with the isotope effect etc

Q1: Can I use an “existing” protocol for my enzyme assay?

It is to be noted that all enzymes reach their optimum activity under different conditions, whereas in a high-throughput screening, one single reaction condition is often used. As a result, the differences in the activity levels of enzymes may be true only in the current condition and cannot be used for quantitative comparison. Another challenge that frequently troubles researchers is that detection of formation of the product or the consumption of the substrate could be strongly disturbed by other ingredients in the reaction matrix, such as inactive solutes or other enzymes. In such cases, the signal to noise ratio must be considered for accurate measurement. Proper selection of the detection method and parameters often gives solutions to such problems.

Creative Enzymes has been a pioneer in the enzymology assay area. We served customers to optimize a product or to set a solid foundation for further research. You can find any level and scale of enzymology assays available at Creative Enzymes.

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