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Enzyme Stabilization and Formulation

Creative Enzymes shows complete dedication to all enzyme-related solutions by providing stabilization and formulation services. We offer the whole package of services to address enzyme stability issues ranging from stabilization, stability tests, to formulation development. Our expertise will assure you that the developed products are of high efficacy, quality, and safety, regardless of the purity, identify, or quantity of the starting samples.


  • Cutting edge facilities & innovative techniques.
  • A wide range of enzyme formulations, from liquid and various forms of solid products to immobilized enzymes.
  • Capable of fast development and scale-up of virtually any new formulation and process
  • Formulation solutions for all volumes, grams to the 100 kg scale.
  • A wide array of analytical tools for characterization and troubleshooting

Stabilization and Formulation Services Workflow

Enzyme Formulation Services Workflow by Creative  Enzymes

Our Stabilization and Formulation Services Include:

For all these services, we provide fully innovative and bespoke consultation with customers. To discuss more service details, please contact us.

Creative Enzymes has worked closely with the customers to meet their needs in this last step of delivering an enzyme product. With all the expertise and experience in house, we are confident to solve any challenge you may have during commercializing the enzyme product.

Q1: Do I need enzyme stabilization & formulation as part of product development?

A: Enzyme formulation is one last and important step in commercializing an enzyme containing product. Nonetheless, the step has not yet received enough notice for its key role in effectively delivering the intended performance of the product. The main purpose of formulation is to preserve the enzyme in a ready-to-use form until consumed by the customer. Many companies spent a significant amount of resource and time on developing and testing the new enzyme product in details to deliver perfect biochemistry. However, final customers are only interested in the safety, stability, and aesthetics of the products on the shelf. Therefore, the product is only completed when it goes into the final package. At Creative Enzymes, we understand the importance of stable enzyme activity and will help you keep the enzymes stable during long-term storage. We also perform proper aging tests that predict the shelf life of an enzyme product using acceleration tests and kinetic models. In the end, we are happy to develop and optimize the product formulation for a specific enzyme.

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