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Enzyme Expression and Purification

Creative Enzymes has decades of experiences in enzyme expression and purification. We provide a series of services including gene cloning, expression, and fermentation optimization and production of enzymes. The crude enzyme product is then purified properly to be stored or used with stable activities over time. On the top of enzyme expression, we also provide the purification service for enzymes from natural sources or customized designs.

  • Stable and full-fledged platform
  • Full range of expression systems
  • From 0.5 mg to > 100 kg capacity
  • Simultaneous screening of >16 conditions
  • Delivered > 200 custom enzymes
  • Consultation from cloning to purification

Enzymes Expression Service Workflow

Enzymes expression service  workflow

Creative Enzymes will best tailor these services based on customers’ research needs. With extensive experiences in enzyme production, we are able to offer the best services:

For enzyme expression and production

  Host Services Timeline Price
Enzyme Expression & Production Gene identification, synthesis and cloning 2 weeks From $2,000/mg of enzyme
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Codon optimization 1-2 weeks
Selection and modification of expression system 1 week
Selection and construction of expression vector 1-2 weeks
Tag selection 1 week
Protein refolding 1-2 weeks
Post-translational modifications 2-3 weeks
Identification and optimization of enzyme expression conditions 1-2 weeks
Scale-up enzyme expression 1-2 weeks
Fermentation development and consulting 2-3 weeks

For enzyme purification

  Services Features Timeline Price
Enzymes Purification Enzyme purification
  • 6xHis; GST; MBP; FLAG tag purification
  • Purity >85%
1 week From $2,000/mg of enzyme
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Endotoxin removal
  • Estimation of endotoxin removal

    efficiency and protein loss rate

  • Endotoxin removal percentage: 90-99%, Protein Recovery range: >85 %
1-2 weeks
Enzyme characterization and quality certification
  • SDS-PAGE; HPLC; WB; Mass Spec
  • Concentration & Activity determination
  • Absorption spectrum; N-terminal sequencing
1-2 weeks


Q1: What expression host should I use for my enzyme?

Answer: Using our powerful expression platform, we will select the most suitable host based on the need of specific enzymes, with consideration of purity, biological integrity, and potential toxicity. We provide competent and stable expression systems included bacterial expression systems, yeast expression systems, baculovirus expression systems, and mammalian cell expression systems, which all have unique advantages as listed below.

Enzyme Expression  systems in Creative Enzymes

For special enzymes that have not been expressed in a certain system, we also offer expression system screening services.

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