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Enzyme Discovery

Creative Enzymes holds its unique position in the enzyme market to provide strategic solutions for finding promising industrial enzymes from various natural sources, such as soil microbes, plants and animals. We combine different advanced techniques, including bioinformatics tools, high-throughput techniques, separation and isolation, and statistical designed experiments, to provide a full service of enzyme discovery from initial sample preparation to final identification of novel enzymes.

Enzyme discovery with bioinformatic tools and HT techniques Figure 1. Main Strategies for Novel Enzymes Discovery
(Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 2017)

Enzymes have found applications as biocatalysts with high efficiency and selectivity in manifold fields of chemistry and biology. Yet, only a small portion of natural enzymes have been exploited industrially. Traditional strategies to isolate novel enzymes from wild-type strains, including DNA extraction, heterologous protein expression and a generic assay, are usually time-consuming and with limited sensitivity. Creative Enzymes has built professional high-throughput platforms for enzyme discovery with significant advantages:

Strategies for enzyme discovery from nature can be categorized into two main methodologies, which could be combined for best results. The first involves direct detection of the desired enzymatic activity. Based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods, Creative Enzymes constructs metagenomic libraries and develops high-throughput screening for enzymatic activity. The second strategy involves function prediction and in silico screening. Creative Enzymes applies genome mining approaches for enzyme discovery based on similarities of their DNA sequences or 3D structures to those of known activity. We also investigate interactions among different enzymes in case a series of enzymes need to stay in the system for the best performance.

Creative Enzymes conducts structure and activity characterization for identification of novel enzymes. We offer services on demand, including primary structure determination, disulfide bond analysis, and 3D structure determination.

Enzyme discovery represents a growing field with many possible applications including animal feed, biocatalysts, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing. Creative Enzymes has tight connections in both academia and industry, and thus has accumulated rich experience to provide the most advanced solutions for our customers.     

Our Highlighted Platforms Include

1. Screening for enzymes from natural sources.

1.1 Enzyme discovery by direct activity measurement
1.2 Metagenomics and exploration of non-culturable

2. Function prediction and screening.

2.1 Sequence-based screening
2.2 3D structure-guided screening
2.3 Protein interactions

3. Structure characterization

3.1 Primary structure determination
3.2 Disulfide bond analysis
3.3 3D structure determination

Enzyme Discovery Workflow

Enzyme discovery workflow

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