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Enzyme Conjugation

Creative Enzymes's decades of experience on enzyme conjugation enables enzyme conjugates with various functional molecules, such as proteins/peptides, antibodies, polymers including polysaccharide, small molecules, and nucleic acids. With advanced technologies and instruments, we develop and prepare enzyme conjugates not only by innovative conjugation reactions, but also through improvement in protein expression, isolation and purification, and validation and characterization. We provide conjugation services for enzyme production based on customer requirements for various studies and applications, including immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), western blotting, immunostaining, and biosensors.   

Enzyme conjugates with different moelcules. Figure 1 Protein conjugation with other molecules.
(Chemical Reviews 2018)

Enzymes are used as signal generating reporters when conjugating to other molecules. Various reporter enzymes, such as horseradish peroxidase (HRP), Alkaline phosphatase (AP) and many others, can be attached to antibodies, proteins and nucleic acid for applications in immunoassays and biosensors. Also, enzymes can be modified with conjugation for desired properties and functions, especially stability. In pharmaceutical applications, these conjugates can be used as smart “vehicles” for drug delivery. To meet various requirements from customers, Creative Enzymes has built professional and updated enzyme conjugation platforms with plenty of advantages:

Enzymes can be conjugated with other molecules via chemical, enzymatic, or chemoenzymatic formation of new covalent bonds. Usually, small linkers such as glutaraldehyde or protein tags are used in these conjugations. Those enzyme conjugates to one or multiple types of molecules based on applications in different fields. For immunoassays and other related applications, Creative Enzymes provides “activated” enzymes in purified, activated, and kit formats for easy conjugation. For specific applications in pharmaceutical/non-pharmaceutical industry, Creative Enzymes offers desired enzyme conjugates with developed purification and scale-up procedures. Creative Enzymes also has the ability to conduct characterization and validation of target conjugates product.

Enzyme conjugation represents a booming market in medical diagnostics, gene expression analysis, detection of infectious diseases and biological warfare agents among others. Creative Enzymes has tight connections in both academia and industry, and thus has accumulated much experience to provide the latest solutions for our customers.   

Enzyme Discovery Workflow

Enzyme Conjugation

Our Highlighted Platforms Include

1. Enzyme conjugation with small molecules.
2. Enzyme conjugation with protein/peptides.
3. Enzyme conjugation with polymers.
4. Enzyme conjugation with antibodies.
5. Enzyme conjugation with nucleic acids.

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