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Creative Enzymes is a leading biotech company which takes responsibility to perfect and simplify your research processes. We supply products specialized for biomedical research, and we are well known for exceptional expertise, professional processes, extraordinary performance, and cost-effective products. All of our products are guaranteed with high purity and technical support.

Lipid is one of the three major substances in organisms with vital biophysical functions. Firstly, lipid is the main storage form of energy and plays a key role in energetic conversion and transportation. Second, lipids contribute to the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins. Third, lipids are important components of the bio-membrane system. In order to support your research, Creative Enzymes offers a variety of lipid products of different classifications, including phospholipids, sphingolipids, and sterols. In addition, we also provide natural and synthetic lipids as well as other unique lipids to meet special requests.


Phospholipids are usually composed of fatty acids and glycerol. Besides, they may also contain a phosphoric acid, nitrogen bases, and other substituents. Due to the possession of one hydrophilic head and a non-polar tail, they are also called polar lipids. Phospholipids are amphipathic in nature and can be divided into three groups, phosphoglycerides, phosphoinositides, and phosphosphingosides. Among them, phosphoglycerides are major phospholipids which contain glycerol groups linked with both phosphoric acid and fatty acids.


Sphingolipids are a group of lipids which contain a series of aliphatic amino alcohols as the backbone, including sphingosine. Sphingolipids have wide distributions ranging from yeasts to mammals. In signal transmission and cell recognition, sphingolipids have indispensable roles. Once sphingolipids metabolism becomes disordered, it will arouse huge impacts on neural tissues. The simplest sphingolipids are ceramides, which have been found useful in topic medicines and cosmetic products. Glycolipids are a large group of sphingolipids which contain sugar molecules in their structures.

Steroids and Terpenes

Steroids contain the backbone of cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene with four hydrocarbon rings in their structures. They widely exist in tissues of animals and plants and have vital significance in living activities. Steroids include sterol and its derivations. Zymosterol, zoosterol, and phytosterol are the three major forms of sterol. Phytosterol is involved in metabolism of plants. Cholesterol, one of the zoosterols, plays an important role in sustaining the physical state of biomembrane. Besides, it is involved in atherosclerosis. Bile acid and vitamin D are the commonly seen sterol derivations, both of which are important to the growth and development.

Terpenes are linear or cyclic hydrocarbons that are chemically related to steroids: they are often the precursor of steroids in biosynthesis. Although terpenes are in small quantities in cell, it has pivotal biology functions in cell signaling, metabolism, and biosynthesis. In addition, terpenes are also useful active ingredients in agricultural pesticides.

Natural, Modified, and Synthetic Lipids

With the development in extraction methods, more possibilities have been provided to exploration on applications of natural lipids. Natural lipids have potentials in food processing and health products manufacturing. However, the structural diversity is limited in natural lipids, as they are generated by organisms for certain biological functions. Therefore, natural lipids are often chemically modified to provide new properties and functions, thus known as modified lipids or semi-synthetic lipids. Modified lipids are useful tools in research, but limited in pharmaceutical and medical applications due to low thermostability and possible contamination from the animal or plant source. Synthetic lipids are chemically prepared from glycerol. The chemical route leads to even more diverse structures and high purity, which satisfy the special needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fluorescent Lipids & Bioactive Lipids

Fluorescent and bioactive lipids are involved in the pathological studies, including signal transduction and cell membrane function. These products are attached with additional functions other than the natural functions of lipids, such as fluorescent reporting and signaling and therefore widely used in biological studies and drug development.

Cationic & Neutral Lipids

Some uncommon lipids such as polymerizable lipids, cationic lipids, and neutral lipids are rear to find but critical to some pioneering studies. We provide these unique products to support your innovative research. Our products are available in various specifications and purities.

In general, lipid products are a rising research field due to their physiological functions and chemical characteristics. To facilitate research on various lipids, Creative Enzymes offers high-purity lipid products including phospholipids, sphingolipids, steroids, and terpenes. Some research also needs uncommon lipids to study the structural effects, and Creative Enzyme is able to provide natural lipids, synthetic lipids, and modified lipids to meet such demands. The reliance of our customers drives us to develop more original and special products. We will continue expanding our product list and really hope to provide you the most suitable products.

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