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Lipase has a long history of being used in food fermentation, such as in the production of yogurt and cheese. Nowadays, lipases are not only involved in various industrial processes but also in diagnostic tools and medical treatments. Creative Enzymes carries a variety of lipases to satisfy the need in industrial manufacturing and biotechnological research.

Advantages of our lipase products


Lipase is an ecnomic and versatile additive in baking, laundry detergents and even as biocatalysts. Our lipases are of high activities which can meet all your inquirements.

Cat. No. Product Name Activity Inquiry
NATE-1752 Native Aspergillus sp. Lipase (API) 100,000 unit/g Get a quote
NATE-0400 Native Chromobacterium viscosum Lipase > 2,000 units/mg protein
NATE-0401 Native Human Lipase > 250 units/mg protein (Lowry)
NATE-0403 Native Porcine Lipase > 20,000 units/mg protein
NATE-0417 Native Burkholderia sp. Lipoprotein Lipase > 50,000 units/mg solid
NATE-1609 Native Mucor miehei Lipase >4,000 units/mg
NATE-1638 Monoglyceride lipase from Human, Recombinant
> 170 units/mg

Lipases in Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes has full range of lipases for all applications. More options in activity levels, food certificates, and product form are also available for most products. We are happy to serve you with the best lipase products. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

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