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Enzymes are responsible for digestion, absorption, metabolism, energy. Vitality of every cell in our body is dependent on enzymes, which help us consume 45 foundational nutrients. Supplemental enzymes in proper amounts ensure good nutrition. Without enzymes, even the most balanced dietary lifestyle would be worthless because food cannot be digested and used by the body. Creative Enzymes provides the highest-quality enzymes for health and nutrition.

Enzymes for Health and Nutrition Selection Guide

There are four basic types of enzymes: proteases for protein digestion, amylases for carbohydrate digestion, lipases for fat digestion and cellulase for fiber digestion. In addition, metabolic enzymes are specialized to handle the exact needs of each individual organ, the bones and blood, as well as each individual cell within the body. These enzymes control new growth of all body cells and maintain all tissue.

Categories Cat. No. Product Name  
Proteases PRO-1823 Neutral/alkaline protease for meat proteins Get a quote
PRO-1824 Neutral/alkaline protease for vegetable proteins Get a quote
DIS-1011 Acid Stable Protease Get a quote
BRE-1615 Endo-protease Get a quote
Amylases SUG-001 Heat Stable α Amylase (High Temperature) (Food Grade) Get a quote
DIS-1020 Fungal α Amylase Get a quote
Lipases OIL-1103 Triacylglycerol lipase enzyme for fat and dairy Get a quote
DIS-1027 Lipase (Yeast) Get a quote
  DIS-1028 Lipase-AN Get a quote
Cellulase DIS-1017 Cellulase Get a quote
Lactase DIS-1021 Fungal Lactase Get a quote
Digestive Blends NATE-0503 Native Bovine Pancreatin Get a quote
NATE-0504 Native Porcine Pancreatin Get a quote

Except for these enzymes, Creative Enzymes also provides custom enzyme blends used in various applications. To get more information of these products, please call 1-631-562-8517 or e-mail us at:, or use our contact page: Contact.

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