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Enzymes for Oncology and Thrombus Treatment

With the recent progresses of biotechnology and modern drugs, the application of enzymes as in therapeutic agents has grown rapidly. More and more therapeutic enzymes are involved in medical research, and some are therapeutic candidates, especially those related to diseases such as cancer and thrombus. To facilitate such effort, Creative Enzymes produces and supplies a variety of enzymes with high quality.


Oncology and cancer treatment

Oncology and cancer treatment
Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
NATE-0426 Native Trichoderma viride Lysine Oxidase Get a quote
NATE-1577 L-Asparaginase from Guinea pig, Recombinant
NATE-0307 Native Escherichia coli Glutaminase
NATE-0379 Native Bovine L-Arginase
NATE-1805 L-leucine Dehydrogenase (Crude Enzyme)
NATE-1841 Arginine Deiminase (Crude Enzyme)
NATE-0655 Native Bovine Ribonuclease A
CEI-1365 IDO inhibitor 1
CEI-1369 INCB024360 analogue

Thrombus treatment

Thrombus treatment
Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
NATE-0598 Native Human Plasmin Get a quote
NATE-1690 Urokinase from Human, recombinant
NATE-1630 Streptokinase from Streptococcus sp., Recombinant
NATE-0914 Staphylokinase from Staphylococcus aureus, Recombinant
EXTC-134 Nattokinase
EXTC-133 Lumbrokinase

Common mechanisms of thrombus treatment using enzymes

Choosing the best products from Creative Enzymes will greatly contribute to your research on treatment of diseases. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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