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Creative Enzymes provides enzyme products covering multiple directions in development and researching. Our excellent techniques guarantee high-quality products. Enzymes are now known to catalyze more than 5,000 biochemical reactions, and the chemical essential of most enzymes are proteins. Enzymes exist in all organisms and perform an important role in life activities. A majority of enzymes have been used in the chemical industry and medical research. Due to the many advantages of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, including specificity, efficiency, and mild conditions, which differ from chemical catalysis, enzymes become a most promising catalyst in all applications.

Creative Enzymes offers a variety of enzyme products for applications in different areas, including industrial uses, research uses, and medical uses. The products are manufactured with strict quality assurance, which generates top-rated purity to support your studies in every application.

• Industrial Enzymes
Creative Enzymes provides enzyme products for industrial uses. In the food industry, the production of food and beverages prefer enzymatic processes to achieve food-grade ingredients and products. We offer a wide range of enzymes that are suitable for virtually all steps in food products. Besides for human food, enzymes for production of animal feed are also available, which gives makes natural and healthy choices accessible for pets and stock lives. For daily necessities, we have large production capacity for enzyme products related to household cleaning, personal care, textiling, leather processing, and pulp and paper bleaching and degradation applications. In an even larger scale, we are also capable of manufacturing enzymes for agriculture, waste management, material recycling, and chemical synthesis and processing. Our enzyme products cover most areas in industrial uses, and the products are available in a variety of specifications and scales. Please contact us to find the product that best fits your exact need.

• Medical Enzymes
Creative Enzymes offers enzyme products to support medical research and the development of medical products. Our enzyme products include digestive, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical enzymes. Digestive enzymes are enzymes that break down polymeric macromolecules to make the nutrition more readily to intake. We offer native digestive enzymes, or recombinant and modified enzymes that show high consistency with natural enzymes in functions and properties. The diagnostic and pharmaceutical enzymes are used in therapeutic and clinical areas as the essential tool to detect fluctuations and changes in key metabolites, signaling molecules, and even enzymes, which further indicate any possible abnormality in biological functions. Use of these enzymes requires the highest level of purity and specificity beyond the average quality. The medical enzyme products provided by Creative Enzymes will certainly meet all the stringent requirements and significantly expedite medical services and business.

• Research Enzymes
Creative Enzymes provides various native enzymes from a variety of species, including plants, microorganisms, and mammals. We also provide recombinant enzymes through microorganism expression. The products are of the top quality in the industry, relying on our specialized techniques and professional development and operation teams. Our commercialized products are approved by researchers and innovators for the stable catalytic activities and high purity. These enzyme products include oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases, and ligases. Different levels of specifications are available for these products to meet various requests from the customers.

Creative Enzymes provides high-quality enzyme products backed by our unique technologies. We have manufacturing and development felicities run by specialized teams following the most up-to-date industrial standards. This leads to exceptionally high quality and stable activities of our products. Creative Enzymes never stop developing new enzymes for the ever-changing market. In the future, we will keep the supply of reliable enzyme products to support your industrial applications and experimental research.

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