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Due to their different activities, enzymes take part in many catalytic reactions such as oxidation, reduction, and hydrolysis process. Among all enzymes, cellulases are one of the most important type of enzymes, catalyzing cellulolysis, the decomposition of cellulose and of some related polysaccharides.

Advantages of our cellulases


Cellulases can be used in many fields, such as commercial food processing. They are also widely used in non-food industries including textiling and household cleaning. There is a long history of cellulases used in the pulp and paper industry for various purposes. More and more commonly, cellulases are used for pharmaceutical research.

Cat. No. Product Name Application Inquiry
BAK-1728 Cellulase for baking
For baking
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FLO-1303 Bacterial Hemicellulase enzyme for flour
For flour
NATE-1749 Acid Cellulase for Textile
For textile
NATE-1750 Neutral Cellulase for Textile
For textile
NATE-0118 Native Aspergillus niger Cellulase
Food additive as an aid in clam and shrimp processing
NATE-1058 Native Cellulase from Talaromyces emersonii
For research use
NATE-0121 Cellulase, thermostable from Clostridium thermocellum, Recombinant
For detergents and others

Creative Enzymes has full range of cellulase for all applications. Please feel free to contact us for inquiry, we are pleasure to support you.

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