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Creative Enzymes offers high-quality enzyme products for industrial and research uses. Supported by our unparalleled expertise in research and production, the products are assured with high purity and stability. Our products include enzymes in different industrial areas, including food, chemical, agriculture, household, and environmental. Moreover, we also provide enzymes for pharmaceutical and diagnostic uses. In the past few years, the reliability of our products has been approved by thousands of researchers and innovators. As a world-wide leader in enzyme products, we offer enzyme products that you can rely on in multiple areas.

Enzymes for Industrial Use

Industrial applications require enzyme products with reliable quality in large scales. For example, enzymes, as the “cleaner” alternatives to chemical reagents, eliminate pollutants efficiently with the least impact to the environment. Metric tons of enzymes are added into a waste pool every year to cleanse water before discharged into the environment. The activity of the enzyme has to stay at the same level due to this strictly scheduled process. Therefore, advanced process control and stringent QC during enzyme manufacturing is required for industrial enzymes. Furthermore, enzymes need to stand regular transportation conditions as they are shipped in bulk to the application site. Our knowledge and experience in formulation and packaging ensures enzyme activity upon delivery of the products. Whereas in food and feed industries, product safety is of top priority. Our food grade products are tested to detect the minimal levels of toxins, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics, and any other residual reagents that may concern product safety. We are also flexible on QC items upon customer’s requests to provide complete solution to the customers.

Enzymes for Research & Diagnostic Use

Enzymes have always played a pivotal role in research and diagnostic, with the ability to degrade, generate, and modify target molecules quickly under mild conditions. Although there have been revolutionary progresses in molecular biology, enzymes have always been in the center of these discoveries. For example, antibodies have become the most popular subjects in drug development, and enzymes were in the beginning of this new era with the role of antibody analysis and modification. No need to mention the essential function of nucleases and nucleosidases in daily research of cell biology. The activity and purity of enzymes are the most important specification of these key biological tools. At Creative Enzymes, we do not just offer the enzyme products of highest purity and most stable activity, but we also modify these enzymes to enhance the performance in research and diagnostic assays.

With the advancing bioinformatics and precision medicine, enzymes can only be more and more important. Therefore, requirements in quality and efficiency will also increase. With decades of professional services to the market, we believe that you will find the solution with our products regardless of the need.

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